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The top of the following page/link deals with the...

"underground war"

that is raging from California to New York... and possibly beyond!

California Floats on the Ocean

Hawthorne Nevada submarine base - Youtube search

huge underwater caverns in the continental slope off the coast of California - Google Image search

A secret huge submarine channel runs unnderground between the Pacific Ocean and Hawthorne Nevada and Beyond - Youtube search

Secret Submarine Base In Nevada

John Lear: Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert? - Google search

More Submarines under Nevada

Secret History of the Nevada Navy - Google search

Bay View, Idaho - inland submarine base

Episode 36 - Secret Submarines base near Hawthorne, Nevada

Above Top Secret Forum -- Navy Submarine Base under the Nevada Desert

Hawthorne Nevada submarine base - Youtube search

John Lear interview of the Sub-Aquatic Labyrinth, etc.

Hawthorne Neveda Naval Undersea Warfare Center -- Aqua Channels to Pacific Ocean

Nevada's Devils Hole - Portal to an Underworld near Area 51 - Las Vegas

See No. 9 -- 10 Secret Submarine Bases Hidden in Plain Sight

Walker Lake Nevada submarine base - Youtube search

John Lear on CoastToCoastAM reveals the ATS subterranean U.S. Navy Submarine Fleet - Google search

The U.S. Navy's Ultimate Fantasy Underwater Submarine Bases To Take On Russia

A Convergence basing area for the U.S. Naval Star-fleet Starships AND the Subterra-fleet's nuclear submarines !?

Confessions of a secret underground Navy submarine base near Hawthorne Nevada

Search for: "Underground Submarine Base"

The Subterranean Mazes of Malibu

The Navy's Most Vital And Secretive Submarine Base Is In... Idaho !?

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Huge 'Alien' Sub-Aquatic Caverns running under Malibu California from the Pacific oceans' continental slope to ultra-deep Lakes in Nevada, Idaho, and -- according to John Lear...

"John Lear Update" on the S.A.L.
(Subterranean Aquatic Lanbyrinth)

beneath at least 15 western U.S. states !?!?

John Lear on CoastToCoastAM re Nevada lake Submarine Base_1

John Lear on CoastToCoastAM re Nevada lake Submarine Base_2

John Lear on CoastToCoastAM re Nevada lake Submarine Base_3

John Lear on CoastToCoastAM re Nevada lake Submarine Base_4

IF the sub-aquatic labyrinth reaches under AT LEAST 15 western U.S. states, as John Lear alleges, then we might conclude that New Mexico may be one of these states. If so, we might consider the possibility of using the SAL (Sub Aquatic Labyrinth) to penetrate the cavern systems BELOW/BENEATH the
Dulce Base Network
and use the ATS (Above Top Secret) Navy Submarine cavern fleet to insert hundreds of special force Navy SEALS -- briefed in battle strategies that take into account the reasons why former attacks on the "Dulce-Matrix" failed... and INVADE, ATTACK, CONQUER, and LIBERATE this multi-leveled (currently?) exclusively ALIEN basing facility, possibly one of the most strategic underground basing networks on/in the planet !!!

The U.S. Navy's Above Top Secret (ATS) Triad

ExTerran-QuanTerran-SubTerran Forces

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